Monday, August 31, 2015

weekly letter 24

What up errrrrbodyyyyy! This week has been nice! Most of it was just driving around saying goodbyes to everyone for my companion. Since it is his first area that he is leaving I have just been trying to help him the best that I can and so thats prettty much what has been going on! But man I am so excited.... One of our members knits really well and so she said that she will teach me and I am so excited.... I really want to start knitting my own ties... It gonna be sick.... Business? Maybe even have some missionaries in the mission market them for me... haha jk... or am i... 
As for the Subject line.. That song has been in my head all week and also just Christmas songs in general. It is crazy to think that yall are going to be having snow and freezing during Christmas while i am going to be over here in 100+ degree weather... not excited haha actually a little scared but whatevs.. haha 
This week also.... One of the Elders gave me his guitar! I was so pumped because I had been asking around in our area if anyone owns a guitar and want not. Sending out the members on a mission to find one haha and then my companion is like.... The Zone Leaders have one... ayeeee.... So he gave it to me and its been in the mission for apparently around 2 years and so I am keeping the guitar tradition going and taking it around with me to have guitar playing elders signatures going until I pass it down... 
I got the news for whom my new companion is going to be as well! His name is Elder Nyika from Zimbabwe. He has been on mission for 4 and a half months and so he is the same transfer as my companion right now so just one transfer younger than me. I do not know anything much about him yet but this week I will be picking him up so yeeeee.... 
I am really excited for this next transfer though! the companionship that we stay with are staying together which makes me super happy because they are awesome! From our district though 2 Elders are leaving. Elder Crowell is going home and then the other Elder Thayne has 3 months left. Wish they could stay but it gucci though.
Also! I need someone to write down all the good movies that I am missing out on so that when I come back I can have a list of movies that I need to watch! Dont reallly need songs because I get enough of that from the houses in the townships blasting music out of their houses hahahah. Thats about it though. Again... nothing special really happens in Queenstown haha this place is pretty poopy.... But hey... Love you all and talk to you next week!

Left To Right: Elders Wall, Crowell, Richards, Fonua, Radebe, Sengane, Thayne
As for the guitar picture... One of the elders was testing out his new camera and he was saying that I should be a yogurt model.... hahaha what a crack up. 

Oh yea and the Elder that gave me the guitar is Elder Thayne. He is too cool and he goes home to BYU in three months so if any girlies want to email him before he comes home let me know... Thats Mitchell Thayne... love you bye

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