Monday, August 10, 2015

weekly letter 21

Molweni! Another week here in Sada! Sada is going awesome! I am loving these people more and more and really excited to keep working in this area! It is so funny being a missionary because most people totally forget that you were a regular person before you became a missionary. People are always so surprised that you know their favorite songs/dances and so you get a lot of surprised people here in South Africa. I got sick this week though and so that super sucks... Most likely our 4 man flat will all get sick and then just pass it around like a game of catch... Really excited for that. This week we had some awesome training on the importance of member work. Member Work has always been an important thing but our mission as a whole is really trying to heavily emphasize it. Apparently 1 out of every 1000 investigators that are found through missionary tracting get baptized compared to the 600 out of every 1000 that are member referrals. 600x better than those that are found through knockin doors and what not. Ultimately the direction that our mission is going is that we should never have the need to go finding because we have too many member refferals to contact/teach. I love working with members and so I am super excited for that... This past week has been hard though. My companion and I do not get a long that well haha... He doesnt really like to work with members and... hah I will refrain from saying much but just know that it is kind of hard being a companion with someone that doesnt really want to be a companion haha.... but no worries because I make it work dough haha. It was actually quite interesting because I noticed a trend in the direction of my studies through the spirit. The overall trend that I have noticed is that this transfer it has been all about Charity. All about love and charity. Obviously the whole companion this is the reasoning behind it. So I love this Elder but it just is so difficult. Pride..... But one of the things really stood out for me this week is that Charity Suffereth Long. Charity endures trials with Brotherly Kindness. Having the spirit to remind me that really helped this weekl I know that I just have to endure what is going on and try to make it work the best that I can. It gucci dough because Swag

So we have been teaching this guy named Simpewe and this dude is too cool for school. He is 22 and he is a boxer... Won his match on Saturday by knockout... Beast!! so when we first found him he struggled with smoking and alcohol. He would say that he could understand the lessons pretty well but... haha I beg to differ haha... So.... He told us this week that he has quit smoking and drinking alcohol and that he hasent touched it for 3 weeks! Man this guys transformation has been super cool.... It is soo cool to see the spirit grow within a person because you can just feel this dudes gospel intellect growing every single day.There has not been too much going on though this week. Not much goes on in our Zone haha because there is not that much to do haha. But everything is going good and next week gonna be super cool because we have training with Prez! Love you all bye!

The Church Is True, Jesus Is The Christ

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