Tuesday, August 25, 2015

weekly letter 22

Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa Mannnnnnn... Whatttt uppp doughhhh... This week, what an awesome week! It has been so busy and so full of spiritual enlightenment! Just So everyone gets an idea about how exciting Queenstown is... They are building a Mcdonalds here... and so I am sure that yall can get a picture of how exciting this place is... hahah So first, it was the Mormon Helpings Hands day this week on the 15 and so I hope that everyone was able to do some service and make Our Father in Heaven proud! We went around choppin down big weeds with some of the Elders in our district for their ward which was pretty nice. Its so cool to spend time with other Elders wards just to see how they are and really just low key compare between whose is better haha.... nah just kidding... but really.... and so this week was always awesome because our ward had a homecoming for 2 return missionaries and so it was so cool to just talk with them and I am super excited for their extra help within the ward. We will see though because most RM's go a little "less active" for a little bit because they are out on vacations and what not so we will see how that goes. We threw a big party for them to welcome them home. One of them is the Bishops son and so yea.... It is going to be super cool to work with them. 
This week we got our investigators interviewed for the baptisms coming up. I can not get over how much I love this area! I am so excited to help the spirit grow them in the gospel. Its funny because 3 weeks ago I was talking about how lame it is because of the language barrier haha but that was definitely me just trying to make an excuse for the transition to a new area hahah... Silly... And so just a little description of my area... It is a pretty rural area... The town is this one street town called Wittlesea which is a couple KMs from our proselyting area. And it is a 35-45 minute drive everyday to get out to Sada and so that is a lot of fun... It has gotten real old... Whatevs doughhh... The word presses on haha.
So this week we also had training with our President. Hes such a beast! Reminder that his mission president was M. Russel Ballard from the Quorum of the Twelve and so yeeee... He too cool. We had interviews and things like that and it is always just super awesome to talk with him. Had a good Vent Sesh about the companionship haha. It was good though! He wants me to train but the reality is that for the past two transfers/in 3 months we have had 2 missionaries come into the mission... So we will see how this next transfer goes haha in who comes to the mission. So as I am sure that everyone knows... Our leaders recently had a general authorities training on the importance of the Sabbath/Sabbath Day Observance. So we had a training on that and it was awesome because it was pretty much like a discussion. Some insights that I picked up are these.
A question that I continually ask my self is.
How much do I really love the Savior Jesus Christ and Our Loving Heavenly Father. Right when that clock hits 12am... It is the Lords day... The one day out of the 7 in a week that Heavenly Father has asked us to devote to the Lord. How do I prepare myself on the Sabbath to receive the Sacrament? There are 168 hours in a week and The Lord has only asked for 1 full hour devoted to him. One thing to bring in mind as well is that The Sacrament is an ordinance... It is an ordinance just like baptism and just like getting sealed in the temple... I don't think that anyone would want to be the slightest of late for their sealing in the temple. That is the attitude that we should have come the Sabbath day. How much do we really think about the Savior during the week in preparation for the sacred ordinance of the Sacrament. We promise to always remember him. It says so in the Sacrament Prayer.... This day is The Lords day and therefore we are on the Lords Time. What are we doing with that time to show our appreciation for all that he has done for us. Mission has truly changed my view on the Sabbath but obviously if our leaders felt the need to have a General Authorities training that lasted several days on Sabbath Day Observance then obviously that is what the world needs. That is the CHANGE that our Heavenly Father wants his children to make.The change of making the Sabbath into a DELIGHT 
Another week in Sada comes up and I am super excited because God is good! Love all of you and hope everyone is still swaggy!

The Church Is True, Jesus Is The Christ

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