Tuesday, September 8, 2015

weekly letter 25

You know wasssuuupppppp!! What up everybody! This week has been awesome! This week we had transfers and so it was super sad to see some go but then at the same time... you know it was nice to see... yea... go... but man Elder Thayne and Elder Crowell were too cool and it was sad to see them go... I got to drive down to East London which is about a 2 hour drive which kinda sucked... but then we dropped off my old companion and then I got to go and visit all of Elder Crowells past members whom he served previous before Queenstown. It had been a year since he had seen any of them and to me that was super crazy. Crazy to think that that will be me in a year or so and then going back to see the people whom I served will be so crazy. It was super nice though because East London  is beautiful. Also during transfers it is super cool being able to see all of the Elders in one place. East London is the connection spot for three of our zones and so it just gets full ed with Elders which is always nice. I am pretty jealous of the missions that get their whole mission together at a time because that is sweet. 
So you all know how I was just given a mission guitar and what not... Well one of the new Elders in our zone our new district leader.... like his 2nd day here... he broke one of my strings... yea.... so thats a pretty good first impression... haha but no worries though.... Trials come in every shape and size.... It gucci cause I go hard in the paint na meannnn....
My new companion though is too cool. Elder Nyika from Zimbabwe. He just barely turned 22 and he is 4 and a half months on mission. Same transfer as my last companion. He is super cool. We teach together great and we have a lot in common and also the Elders in our boarding are staying and so yea... This transfer is going to be awesome!!! 
Its funny because as he has been introducing himself... He told two of our recent converts that his name is Elder Obama... And that he was President Obamas son and that due to attention reasons that he would be using the surname Nyika.... They believe him hah and then we were also teaching about temples and so we convinced them that his house "The White House" is almost as big as the temples. 
This is going to be a sweet most likely 3 months with Elder Obama though so I am super excited.... Next week for my birthday we are planning on hiking up this super sick mountain... It gonna be dope so stay tuned... 
Well hey... Love you all and hope that everyone is doing well!!!
Church Is True, Jesus Is The Christ

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