Monday, August 3, 2015

weekly letter 20

Wasssuuupppp Wasssuuuppp! Man this week! Its definitely getting better here in Sada! This morning was nice because we hiked up the mountain for a little district studying. It was great but then the wind was blowing super hard and it started getting super cold and so our scripture pages were just blowing everywhere. The spirit was still strong though so that is pretty much all that matters. Queenstown though, the place that we stay in is a nice city. Its funny because when ever I see like a nice big house it always reminds me of home. It like always surprises me to see a big house and stuff like that just because of my perception that I am in South Africa haha. And I guess I have not really taught in a big nice house yet haha. The new area is going awesome! The whole English situation is not as bad now because I have scoped out the few that actually can speak English and what not which makes things a lot easier haha. This area has definitely taught me to truly cherish someone that can be able to speak English though haha that's for sure. When ever I go and meet someone for the first time I always ask my companion if they speak English or not and then if they do then I get super stoked! Man Sada... What I have noticed about this place is that the field is insanely white! There are so many people that are ready for the gospel here it is awesome! The things that I have picked up about the past Elders is that they like never asked people to be baptized... I noticed that because there are so many people whom I have already taught and have asked myself like what... These people are awesome and they are not even members yet... Come to find out through other people in the ward that the investigators are wondering when they are going to be invited to be baptized haha... It cool though because we fixing that and I am super excited to see this area progress and grow! The language thing is still kind of lame but its all good haha.
The ward is awesome! When I say the ward... I really just mean the few people that I can actually have a conversation with in english ahhaha.... Nah just kidding... but really though that's how it is haha... But it is still kind of difficult in the way that I can not really have a good conversation with the rest of the ward because most of them can not understand English... No worries... Work with what I got. And so back to the investigators and their baptisms and what not... This week we focused a lot on extending baptismal dates to these people and just kind of reviewed with them what the missionaries had taught them and then also went over the baptismal questions to see in what areas they still needed help with and man... Those lessons were so powerful... The spirit is seriously always so strong when extending a baptismal invitation and so that's what the week was full of... We both had people whom I felt was totally prepared and then also people that I was like.... Ummm What.... You do not know who Joseph Smith is? hahh not to that extreme but yes there were some that I am like... We have a lot of work to do... But pretty much every time though it would bring them to tears... But man this week is going to be sweettttt! I have a idea of the area and have already done all the like awkward first lessons with everyone and so it gonna be popppin nowww.... A point to bring up why inviting people to be baptized is the fact that... If we do not invite people to be baptized... Then we are denying them the option to reach eternal salvation. Then that sin will be on our head... Obviously adjust the date to whenever they feel ready/you feel they are ready but I mean why not invite the first time you meet. That way they have a goal to work towards.... But man this week is going to be sweet! But hey.... Love you all so much and take care!!!
The Church Is True, Jesus Is The Christ

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