Monday, September 28, 2015

weekly letter 28

What gucci yooo.... This week was definitely better than last week. It started off pretty slow but then picked up towards the ending and then yesterday, Sunday was awesome! Not much to report though about things that we do in Queenstown because... We do not do anything here haha prettty much our only plans for Mondays that we ever have is to clean, wash the car, and Email... Then we just kind of sit/play sport... and that is it... Update though! The McDonalds is almost done! We are all pretty excited for that. 
Oh yeeee... Thanks to Edran and dad as well. I am super surprised that the package got here so fast! It only took a little over a month and so that was pretty surprising. One of the Elders that I am with. Elder Richards... His girlfriend sent him a package around 7 and a 1/2 months ago and then she sends him a picture of the package and it took them 7 and a 1/2 months just to send it back to her haha... So yeeee Enkosi Kakulu
So an update on some of the investigators... Jerry (The one white guy in all of Sada) He came to church again today and this time he brought his girlie friend that he has been living with! It was so awesome being able to see them both at church. This is his 3rd Sunday in a row and he agreed to be baptized in the last week of October! We will see how he progresses though because we have not yet taught the Word of Wisdom or the Law of Chastity and so yeee..... will let yall know.
But yesterday... Man church was packed! It was super cool... We had the 5 baptees be confirmed and then we had a ton of less actives attend as well which is awesome... All about them reactivations... We also had one of Presidents Counselors come down to the ward and train them on "Hastening The Work Of Salvation" It was nice because its getting the ward leaders and my companion and I on the same page which will make the work accelerate that much faster! Our ward is not utilizing the tools that we have as much as they should and so this training really helped them and I am excited for same changes to happen in the ward....
So this week I finally got to go on an exchange with my awesome missionary buddy Elder Wall in his area Mlungisi... We have been serving closely together for my whole mission. He even picked me up from the airport with my trainer. He is the super short guy from bountiful haha... And so a bunch of appointments dropped and so we had some extra time... So we were sitting there and we were like okay lets go tract what are we going to be looking for.... First thing that comes to my mind is the color Green.... So we decide that we are going to look for a Potential Priesthood holder wearing a green shirt and that we are going to place a restoration pamphlet for him.... So we start walking and it is pretty funny because im sure it looks pretty strange with these two white guys (In South Africa... if you are not black you are white no matter what race) walking down the street one being super tall and big while the other one is this little 5 foot 4 guy haha... so we are walking and we see a few green shirts but there are just a bunch of kids... Then down the road we see a guy wearing a green shirt... Elder Wall and I are like... YO... Thats our guy and so we start speed walking down to him but he is walking away from us... So we end up losing him... and we are like dang... We lost him... We keep walking and then we see another Guy wearing a green shirt... Again... Ok... THATS our guy hah so we speed walk over to him and we lose that guy... Jokingly with enthusiasm... We say oh... these are angles whom are leading us haha we are just being led to the guy that we are supposed to find... So we are walking and we see this guy in the next street over sitting down in his back yard... We are like hmm... Is that green I see? We agree that this guy is totally him and so we kind of struggle to find how to get to his house through the shack township intermediate leveled maze and so we turn this corner and Elder Wall goes... Yo hes walking out towards us... And so we meet perfectly at the gate of his house and talk to him... Long story short he says to us... "I want that book" We give him the pamphlet and he just gets this big smile on his face. He says "This is exactly what I need and what I have been praying for" 
YOOO So Elder Wall sets an apt with him and yeee... I truly believe that we were led to find him and who knows maybe he had been praying and pleading for Heavenly Father to give him a sign... Angels are constantly preparing the hearts of the children of men (Alma 13: 22-24). We just have to go out and find them and ask the Father to led us to them. 
But hey... Love you all and miss yous like crazy! 
The Church Is True, Jesus Is The Christ

Monday, September 21, 2015

weekly letter 27

Hey everyone! This week it started out super good! But then slowly turned into drop nation which always suck but it gucci doughhh... Again there is pretty much nothing to do here in Queenstown so so the most exciting thing to report besides things that happen in the area.... is that we helped the other Elders move into their flat... Pretty exciting haha. I wore my tie and not to brag or anything... But everyone is always super suprised that I knitted it myself. They think that it is so nice even though I messed up a bunch but luckily it is a dark color and so it is harder to see the places where I messed up haha. But I didnt take picture though so... yea.... but someday you all will see it haha. But now for the area... We had our baptisms this week and I am super glad that they went well... Baptisms always stress me out because I do not want anything to go wrong. They all went sweet though and I was super happy because one of our good fellow shippers whom has been a recent convert for about 6 months now... He baptized his first person! We were so pumped when they chose him to baptize them. He was so excited when we told him haha. So that was super cool. The beauty of these baptisms though is that they are all member referrals and so I know that the ward is going to take good care of them. With all these baptisms though comes the task of retaining all of them and so my companion and I are really going to focus on the people whom are already members. Ex. Members, Less Actives & Recent Converts. We had 5 Less Actives come to church and so we are super stoked about that! I love seeing Less Actives become active again. Its awesome.
And an update on Bro Elvis (The Less Active) And Brother Jerry (The investigator whom Bro EIvis brought to church! The atmosphere of his house totally changed... It was super cool to feel the change between him and his girlfriend whom he lives with... Which could possibly bring a problem in the future. But he came to church again and he walked quite a distance to get to church as well! During the baptism he looked like a little kid trying to look over everyone since our font is outside and... yea... haha It was cool to see him like that... Will update on his response to the baptism next week! But hey I am too lazy to write the rest of this week as well and so if you have questions just email me... haha kkk but love you all and miss you!
As for the picture, Left To Right:
Mama Ngangafa, Fellowshipper Sbusiso, Odwa Mgodi, Liyabona Ngangafa, Likhona Stephans, Asemahle Xozumthi & My comp Elder Nyika

Monday, September 14, 2015

weekly letter 26

Man this week was tooo awesome! The love for my area and the missionaries that I am serving with just continues to grow. My companion is still super dope and we be killin it. This morning we scaled this mountain and man.. My body is killin right now... It was cool though so I guess it was worth it. This week I also finished my first tie... I will have to take a picture in it next week and send it to all of you. This week was awesome though. We had Zone Conf and also Stake Conf this week and so it was a week full of awesome spiritual food. Also we just got a new missionary in our mission and he is in our Zone. I do not know his first name but his name is Elder Blight. He is from American Fork and so yea he is a cool guy if any of you know him. 
Just a little update as well... So apparently there was a terrorist threat from South Africa on the U.S Embassey... So now all American/patriotic clothing of any kind has been restricted... All the Elders are talking about how crazy it would be if we had to be evacuated and switch missions... That would be nutsss haha but yea we will see what happens haha
This week though we had awesome amount of things happen. We are preparing some investigators for their baptism this week and so we have been busy getting them ready. Also so there are these two awesome investigators... One by the name of Jerry and the other ones name is Sandile. 
First, Jerry. So last week we walk into church and there is a guy that I have never seen before sitting next to a white guy.... WHITE GUY.... YOOO!!!! That stuff dont just happen here in Sada and the only times that it ever happens is if someone from the Stake is visiting. So it turns out that the guy that was sitting next to him that I have not seen before is one of our less active members... Bro Elvis... So we set up an apt and we go and see him. So Bro Jerry, he is probably early 40's and he lives in an area called Extension. Thats even crazy too... So we take Bro Elvis with us over to his house and we teach this dude. P.S his house smells like the inside of a cigarette... We will work on the Word Of Wisdom later haha... and we teach him. It was an awesome lesson... And so our goal as my companion and I were talking... Is to reactivate Bro Elvis and then in the end have him baptize brother Jerry... YO! That would be sickkkkk so that is our goal. 
The other one... Sandile... This guy is too cool... Hes a member referral, because member referrals is the Lords way of missionary work, and he is a father of 3 kids. We teach him right and he basically told us that he likes to go hike up mountains/anywhere away from everyone to go and pray and so when we talked about Joseph Smith it reminded him of him. He accepted the invitation to be baptized and we are so excited to watch him grow in the gospel. Dis gospel gone blez dat guy 2 much dough.... Stake Conf had some powerhouse speakers too. Our Mission Prez is a boss and so he killed it on that podium. I talked about the whole statistic of member referral baptisms compared to Missionary found baptisms and all of stuff and so our President really focused on trying to tell all the members about how important member referrals are. And just a little statistic that our mission just shot out from our president... One of our wards in the mission has a baptismal date this sunday... 22 baptisms in one day... 22!!!! ALL MEMBER REFERRALS... Wow that is insane... If that isnt proof that Member Missionary Work/Member Referrals is the way that Heavenly Father wants his work done then I do not know what will... 
This next coming week though is going to be awesome though. I am excited to see what The Lord has in plan for us! But hey love you all! Birthdays on misson are pretty much just another day haha but it gucci! Hope everyone has an awesome week love yall!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

weekly letter 25

You know wasssuuupppppp!! What up everybody! This week has been awesome! This week we had transfers and so it was super sad to see some go but then at the same time... you know it was nice to see... yea... go... but man Elder Thayne and Elder Crowell were too cool and it was sad to see them go... I got to drive down to East London which is about a 2 hour drive which kinda sucked... but then we dropped off my old companion and then I got to go and visit all of Elder Crowells past members whom he served previous before Queenstown. It had been a year since he had seen any of them and to me that was super crazy. Crazy to think that that will be me in a year or so and then going back to see the people whom I served will be so crazy. It was super nice though because East London  is beautiful. Also during transfers it is super cool being able to see all of the Elders in one place. East London is the connection spot for three of our zones and so it just gets full ed with Elders which is always nice. I am pretty jealous of the missions that get their whole mission together at a time because that is sweet. 
So you all know how I was just given a mission guitar and what not... Well one of the new Elders in our zone our new district leader.... like his 2nd day here... he broke one of my strings... yea.... so thats a pretty good first impression... haha but no worries though.... Trials come in every shape and size.... It gucci cause I go hard in the paint na meannnn....
My new companion though is too cool. Elder Nyika from Zimbabwe. He just barely turned 22 and he is 4 and a half months on mission. Same transfer as my last companion. He is super cool. We teach together great and we have a lot in common and also the Elders in our boarding are staying and so yea... This transfer is going to be awesome!!! 
Its funny because as he has been introducing himself... He told two of our recent converts that his name is Elder Obama... And that he was President Obamas son and that due to attention reasons that he would be using the surname Nyika.... They believe him hah and then we were also teaching about temples and so we convinced them that his house "The White House" is almost as big as the temples. 
This is going to be a sweet most likely 3 months with Elder Obama though so I am super excited.... Next week for my birthday we are planning on hiking up this super sick mountain... It gonna be dope so stay tuned... 
Well hey... Love you all and hope that everyone is doing well!!!
Church Is True, Jesus Is The Christ