Monday, July 20, 2015

weekly letter 19

Hey everyone! How bout dem All Blacks doughhhh bringing that win against South Africa hahaa... That is always a nice conversation with the people out here haha. This week has been full of changes! It was so sad saying all of my goodbyes to the people of Uitenhage! A lot of tears were shed and it was overall sad that I was leaving them. I am definitely happy with the work that I was able to do there though. All the older missionaries were talking and telling me like... Oh do not worry... by next area it will become second nature when you leave the people and an area. But that puzzled me because then that brings up the question of... Did you really love the people or were you just looking at them as numbers and stats while you were there. I hope that I never leave an area without feeling some sort of sadness because then I know that I was doing missionary work wrong. But now I am in my new area! Our mission... This transfer we only got one new missionary! Our mission has been struggling so much on numbers. So many missionaries are finishing their missions and leaving and only like 3 or 4 are coming in to replace them. This transfer... 8 missionaries finished and only 1 came in... We had to shut down 3 areas this transfer... Not good but no worries cause SWAG. Anyways... That New New. We flew over to a place called East London and drove a couple hours to a place called Queenstown which is where our boarding is. Now I am working in the Area of Sada!
This place man.... It is a 40 minute drive out into the area and so that drive sucks haha... I really miss driving automatic too haha. No cruise control for me... My companion, his name is Elder Sangane! He is cool and this area needs a lot of work but I am super excited to change this area and organize it because right now... it be poopy haha. But he is from South Africa and he is 23. I am follow up training him and so... yea... we will see haha got a lot of work to do! But man the first full day here in Sada.... It sucked so bad hahaa! It was pretty much a full day of straight Xhosa! I literally just sat there and had to do nothing because a lot of our investigators can not speak english... We are not really supposed to be teaching anyone that can not speak english unless we get it authorized by president and so... haha yea just know that there is a lot of work to do here in Sada! But man the first day sucked... I felt like an idiot because I love teaching the most and I can not even teach because no one can understand me... No worries though because I got some ideas about using translators/training our fellow-shippers and what not... Ill update on it later haha. See how it goes... It is alright though because it is super humbling! because I legit can not do anything on my own now... Let alone I can not even talk to someone without the help of someone else haha. It cool But man these people are too cool! They are so nice but I just wish that I could be able to speak to them. It all Gucci doughhh.... It is funny though because the youth out here are so funny. They all love dancing and so The Whip just barely got out here and they love the nae nae and so pretty much just have the "in" with all the youth no matter what which makes things really easy haha. We had some children baptized and I felt so bad for them because the font is outside and it is freezing in Sada! Apperently it snows here as well... Too Cold. They were shivering and pretty much crying during the baptism and so yea.... But God is good and so I am excited to help these people out the best that I can! That is about it for now though! I am super excited for this up and coming week though! But love all of you hope that everything is going awesome! P.S how about the mission gets transfer news and so the mission sends out a huge email to eveyone... I hit that reply all haha and said hey and so yee... It been blowing up now haha 
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