Monday, April 27, 2015

weekly letter 7

Yo yo yo! Man time is flying! I already finished my first transfer as a missionary! Even though it is a long time it is crazy to think that I only have 16 transfers left of my mission. This was awesome!  Nothing crazy but just overall awesome progressive week! Woah... ok... Freak I was so sick this week it sucked! Being sick sucks as it is at home but it suck 10x more out on mission! I was dying like literally dying. I am pretty sure I died during one of the lessons. I was teaching and then I legit just fell to the ground and died. Then I kind of woke up and the investigator was like 
" Is he ok?"
And then I got up and continued teaching... Nah just kidding that didn't happen I lied. But man legit died... They don't even have like dayquil or nyquil so yea shame... Anyways... One of our Zone leaders are going home on Wednesday so it is just crazy to think that I just started and he is already leaving! But, this transfer is going to be so fun I can already tell. We have a lot of fun things planned for this transfer! Also thanks to everyone that is sending pictures! I got to go and print them off and now I have photos to go through when I miss home so that really helps. Also the other elders always nag about how they wanna see who I hung out with and family and what not. So thanks to everyone and keep sending them!

I love hearing about all the peeps back home getting their mission calls! That is so crazy that Max, Gabe, Tweet, and Colton will all be serving in the mission all together! So jealous, someone from back home needs to get called to South Africa for sure. Kupka and Vanfleet are cool and all but... eh ;) (They went to Timpview)

Lessons are going well. Like I said nothing too extraordinary this week but my area and people are definitely progressing. We had 2 baptisms this week and they are awesome! First ones name is Jackson and he is super sweet! He is 16 and I seriously love this dude. I am so excited for him because he is going to be such a powerful priesthood holder. I know the lord has big plans for this guy. The other ones name is Sibu. He is 9 and he may be young but this is one intelligent kid. Man, he is both intellectually smart school wise and also gospel wise. The elders and I predict that he will easily become the bishop of our ward in the future. It was cool baptizing them because I actually got to hug them and congratulate them unlike my first two with those girls haha because I had to just shake their hand... Eh... I still miss that alot haha. I miss hugging people regularly but it all gucci. Only 22 1/2 Months to go ;) 

That is about it for this week! Im sure there was alot more that happened but I forget haha. But yea love you all keep sending photos! k bye

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