Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Weekly Letter 5

This week was good! Another busy week this week man. We did 33 lessons this week which is a super crazy amount of lessons! Seriously so the Lord has blessed us so much because usually people drop appointments and are not home. I am continually growing closer with all the Elders in my area which is always good. Elders: Wall, Dean, Wells, and Willhelmson are all from Utah. We always talk about how much we miss seeing american brands and talk about how crappy cereal is over here and how much better america is haha. They also asked me if I had any girlie friends that would like to email them hah so let me know if any of you are interested in good looking Missionaries haha. I didn't tell you all yet but God has truly blessed me. Not only is there a guitar in our housing. There are two! Elder Dean and I just jam on those things all the time. It seriously is so nice.
One thing about over here though is that their fruit is seriously so expensive. Well expensive in the fact that we have $70 to spend every two weeks. I miss fruit so much haha. Lettuce is super cheap though so I am very happy about that! Now lettuce has been added to the rice chicken cereal diet haha. Gotta get them greens in the meals na mean. Most of the elders try to work out all together in the mornings too so im getting back into my routines. Gotta keep repping them VasBros na mean! All Kiiiinnnddzzzz A Gaaiinnzzzz!

How about general conference thoughhh. Man I swear, they were all awesome talks no doubt, but the Quorum of the Seventy are stepping up for sure. Their talks were awesome! We watched all the sessions except for the Sunday Afternoon session. I have to wait till next week sunday to watch that one. It was cool and kinda weird thinking that we were watching the Sunday Morning session live @ 6 Pm over here last night while all of you were watching it Sunday Morning @ 10am. 
One of my favorite talks was by the presiding Bishop. Bishop Causse man his was very powerful and so applicable to this generation and time. We must constantly be asking ourselves. 
"Is the Gospel still a wonder in your life?"
What a powerful question. Then we have to ask that question in more simpler terms. Do we consider The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, The Gospel of Jesus Christ to be a miracle in our lives today? If yes then what are we DOING in our lives today that shows God that we still cherish and utilize this blessing/miracle. It was seriously such an awesome talk! There were so many more revelations received in that talk but that one especially stuck out to me. 
Another thing, Man i was so surprised by the choir that sang during the Saturday Afternoon Session. I thought since that they were just all selected from YSA that it would suck haha. Their arrangements of the music were amazing! Not as good as the madrigal choir back at Timpview but you know what I mean ;) 

So on a SERIOUS NOTE: Something has been eating at me for the past couple of weeks. Something that I failed to let everyone know during my farewell talk. The thing that I wanted everyone to know is one of the biggest reasons of why I am serving a mission. 
Everything happens for a reason. God knows all and with that being said he knows the intents of our hearts and because of the intents of our hearts he has placed certain people in our lives to influence and to bless and also to receive influence and blessings from. 
We all have set people that God has foreordained us to bless and to save. We are all messengers of God and so God has placed people here on this earth for us to share our message of the Restored Gospel to. When I say the word people, I do not mean strangers whom we might think I am talking about. These people are more than that. They are children of God. Not only are they children of God but they are our Brothers and Sisters. Our Brothers and Sisters are crying every night, praying to God to please help them. Some people do not even know that God exists. Some people do not know that God is also our love Heavenly Father. Some where in South Africa my brother is crying because he doesn't think that he will see his dad who just passed away ever again. Some where in South Africa my little sister is crying, hurt, depressed, lost because she thinks that no one loves her and could never love her. They are constantly crying, unknowingly waiting for us to deliver this message to them. Let them know that families are forever. Let them know that they are loved and can feel that love by living the commandments of God. I have been blessed with the knowledge that can help these people, my brothers and sisters. Only through the Gospel of Jesus Christ can these people be saved and it is up to us to be able to go out and save them. These people are so ready for the Gospel in their lives. I am so excited to continue Gods work and his plan. I am already down one month of my mission. Its the least I can do for someone who gave me everything, and for Jesus Christ whom allowed me to achieve eternal salvation.

I love all of you so much and truly miss you all! Keep sending pictures and emailing and stuffs!  

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