Monday, April 20, 2015

weekly letter 6

Yezzuurr! what it do everyone! This week has been really nice! I have really gotten into the rhythm of things so I am super glad about that! We did not utilize our time as much as I wanted on some days but no worries I know that it will come with time! We taught 25 lessons this week which is good I guess because that supposedly means that we are "killing it' according to my Zone Leaders, but I know that we can definitely get 30+ a week if we actually really utilize our time right! I guess it is unheard of to have that many lessons because the week that we had 33 my zone leader said that was higher than hes ever seen on his whole mission. But really it didn't seem like that hectic of a week. I am glad that I have been super blessed to be able to come in to the mission at such a high note. My first week here I did around 27 lessons and other Elders said they had around 5 lessons their first week. So I am super happy and glad that the Lord has blessed me with these people and these lessons so that it can set the tempo for my whole mission!

But YO! The whole Xenophobia or what ever it is called has gotten people scared! Apparently last time it happened people didn't even leave their house for 6 weeks and so all the stores and everything was closed due to riots and burning cars and whatever. I think that would be sick if it happened while we were here. I know the Lord will protect us but I am sure it it comes the missionaries will be evacuated but man so people are kinda scared about that. Also since they are burning and killing foreigners I do know if many people will want to try and burn me but whatevs haha

So this week, man... we went to the beach and I can honestly say.... it sucked..... It seriously sucks so bad being so close to such a beautiful beach and I cant even swim in it haha but no worries it still was such an awesome view. We went to Jefferies bay and the beach that they have there is called dolphin beach. It is always so nice to be able to go out and do civilian things on Mondays like going to the beach and playing sports! It gives me a well deserved rest from everything and in my terms, "keeps me sane". 
This week we also had Zone Training! I love my mission president. He is such an awesome guy and so it was really nice being able to see him. It was really nice getting to spend time with white american adults haha (reference to last weeks email) We had some awesome training and then got together with all the elders in our zone and ate food prepared by the senior couples. It was pretty funny because afterwards the next morning, all the elders in our zone had stomach aches and diarrhea problems haha!! Our Ap's came over and sarcastically marveled at our "Zone Unity" We had interviews with the president Merrill which went awesome, like I said I love spending anytime that we have with him. One of the things that he said has really motivated me and helped me. 
He invited me in and sat me down. He said
"Elder Greening, I have a problem with you."
I kind of was like... what the... hoping that he was being sarcastic and trying to be funny with me because that is usually how he is haha. So I just replied with
"Oh" hahha
Then he said.
"My problem is that you are becoming a missionary too fast. When I asked your companion how training was going he replied. President I am not training him, hes training me."
Hearing this made me super happy. It shows that I am doing something right. Really though I am just super happy and blessed and thankful that the spirit and our Heavenly Father has prepared me to be out on a mission. I can not even imagine how hard this all would be if I had not been prepped as much as I was. I can not wait for all the experiences that are in store for me. 

Update on Mama Xangati! (The one I talked about last week) She wants to get baptized before May 5 because she is going into surgery then so we have like two weeks to teach her everything! That is going to be both awesome but also hectic but no worries she already knows a lot and her desire to be baptized is inspirational. Now for the rest of her kids... they still need to be baptized. And I know that her son Arthur is reading this cause he reads the blog haha but yea he definitely needs to get baptized. 

That is all for now though. Also I hope that everyone is enjoying my wonderful selfies. #Thatfacedough kk love you all till next week!

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