Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 8 {and nivah's address!}

(Elder Meijsen, Elder Wall, Elder Wilhelmsen, Elder Dean, Elder Mongalo, Elder Wells)

(Elder Wilhelmsen, Elder Dangerfield)

Yo yo! What it do dough!? This week was awesome per usual. We said goodbye to our Zone leader that finished his mission (Elder Mongalo) which was kind of sad just because I love these guys and I already know that it is going to suck always saying goodbye to my fellow elders every transfer. It gucci though! It was cool because during transfers most of the Elders within the area will be sending off other Elders at the airport so I got to meet more missionaries in the mission at the airport and it felt really cool walking down the street in a flock of 20 Elders! Missionary work seriously is so cool though. I just think that it is the coolest thing hanging and being around so many people who have devoted 2 years of their life to the lords work. 

Everything is going good though. 32 lesson week this week and my companion and are on track with baptismal dates but I have been a little stressed out about finding more people to teach. I have been asking a lot of people for referrals and just really want to broaden our investigator pool. We have been baptizing a lot so our investigator numbers are dropping but I know that the lord will provide as long as I do my part. My goal that I have set for myself is that I want to have at least one baptism a transfer (6 weeks). Apparently the other elders say that goal is highly quixotic but we will see ;) I know the lord will provide if it be his will!

I finally saw a family from america!!! I was so stoked it seriously was so nice seeing a white american family! They were the sherwoods from New Mexico and they were visiting because they had come to SA to hunt. Apparently there is this really nice wealthy family that houses people that come to hunt and I guess that family gets a lot of LDS families that come through. I guess the families are always asking how they can get a hold of the missionaries in the area and apparently they always want to take the missionaries out to dinner! JACKPOT!!! That is money so hopefully it works out because that would be awesome! I would be seeing LDS American families all the time and getting free food! OH YEA! also the family that houses the people are not members so yeeeeee. The possibilities for missionary work is amazing because at the families house they have over 50 employees that work there. YO! 50 families to be converted! that would be NUTZZZZZ. Anyways I am pretty stoked but later tonight they said if they can they will call us and take us out.

I love these people so much though. I can honestly say that one of the greatest experiences that I have ever had is seeing the light of Christ increase in a person. For example and this is a couple weeks ago. One of our less actives her name is Mama Frans. (If you hadn't noticed... Most older women we call them Mama out of respect) anyways... Mama Frans was inactive and then I finally convinced her to come back to church because in my own words I said. 

"Mama I am giving a talk in church this Sunday and if you do not come then I will cry because that means that you don't love me"

She came to church and during my talk the spirit touched her heart. Since then she has been fully active and she told us that ever since she started coming back to church people have been complimenting her,Telling her how beautiful she is and asking her what her secret is. She knows that it is the light of Christ growing within her. It is one of the best feelings, seeing people that you love grow closer to Christ and seeing them change! 

Thanks to everyone that continues to send pictures! I have already printed off almost over 100 but yea love you all. Also hope that all of you can do something awesome for your mums on Mothers day this week! 

If you want to send Elder Greening any packages or letters you can send them here: 
Elder Greening -(Very important)
P.O Box 181
Observatory 7935
Cape Town, South Africa

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