Monday, September 21, 2015

weekly letter 27

Hey everyone! This week it started out super good! But then slowly turned into drop nation which always suck but it gucci doughhh... Again there is pretty much nothing to do here in Queenstown so so the most exciting thing to report besides things that happen in the area.... is that we helped the other Elders move into their flat... Pretty exciting haha. I wore my tie and not to brag or anything... But everyone is always super suprised that I knitted it myself. They think that it is so nice even though I messed up a bunch but luckily it is a dark color and so it is harder to see the places where I messed up haha. But I didnt take picture though so... yea.... but someday you all will see it haha. But now for the area... We had our baptisms this week and I am super glad that they went well... Baptisms always stress me out because I do not want anything to go wrong. They all went sweet though and I was super happy because one of our good fellow shippers whom has been a recent convert for about 6 months now... He baptized his first person! We were so pumped when they chose him to baptize them. He was so excited when we told him haha. So that was super cool. The beauty of these baptisms though is that they are all member referrals and so I know that the ward is going to take good care of them. With all these baptisms though comes the task of retaining all of them and so my companion and I are really going to focus on the people whom are already members. Ex. Members, Less Actives & Recent Converts. We had 5 Less Actives come to church and so we are super stoked about that! I love seeing Less Actives become active again. Its awesome.
And an update on Bro Elvis (The Less Active) And Brother Jerry (The investigator whom Bro EIvis brought to church! The atmosphere of his house totally changed... It was super cool to feel the change between him and his girlfriend whom he lives with... Which could possibly bring a problem in the future. But he came to church again and he walked quite a distance to get to church as well! During the baptism he looked like a little kid trying to look over everyone since our font is outside and... yea... haha It was cool to see him like that... Will update on his response to the baptism next week! But hey I am too lazy to write the rest of this week as well and so if you have questions just email me... haha kkk but love you all and miss you!
As for the picture, Left To Right:
Mama Ngangafa, Fellowshipper Sbusiso, Odwa Mgodi, Liyabona Ngangafa, Likhona Stephans, Asemahle Xozumthi & My comp Elder Nyika

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