Monday, September 14, 2015

weekly letter 26

Man this week was tooo awesome! The love for my area and the missionaries that I am serving with just continues to grow. My companion is still super dope and we be killin it. This morning we scaled this mountain and man.. My body is killin right now... It was cool though so I guess it was worth it. This week I also finished my first tie... I will have to take a picture in it next week and send it to all of you. This week was awesome though. We had Zone Conf and also Stake Conf this week and so it was a week full of awesome spiritual food. Also we just got a new missionary in our mission and he is in our Zone. I do not know his first name but his name is Elder Blight. He is from American Fork and so yea he is a cool guy if any of you know him. 
Just a little update as well... So apparently there was a terrorist threat from South Africa on the U.S Embassey... So now all American/patriotic clothing of any kind has been restricted... All the Elders are talking about how crazy it would be if we had to be evacuated and switch missions... That would be nutsss haha but yea we will see what happens haha
This week though we had awesome amount of things happen. We are preparing some investigators for their baptism this week and so we have been busy getting them ready. Also so there are these two awesome investigators... One by the name of Jerry and the other ones name is Sandile. 
First, Jerry. So last week we walk into church and there is a guy that I have never seen before sitting next to a white guy.... WHITE GUY.... YOOO!!!! That stuff dont just happen here in Sada and the only times that it ever happens is if someone from the Stake is visiting. So it turns out that the guy that was sitting next to him that I have not seen before is one of our less active members... Bro Elvis... So we set up an apt and we go and see him. So Bro Jerry, he is probably early 40's and he lives in an area called Extension. Thats even crazy too... So we take Bro Elvis with us over to his house and we teach this dude. P.S his house smells like the inside of a cigarette... We will work on the Word Of Wisdom later haha... and we teach him. It was an awesome lesson... And so our goal as my companion and I were talking... Is to reactivate Bro Elvis and then in the end have him baptize brother Jerry... YO! That would be sickkkkk so that is our goal. 
The other one... Sandile... This guy is too cool... Hes a member referral, because member referrals is the Lords way of missionary work, and he is a father of 3 kids. We teach him right and he basically told us that he likes to go hike up mountains/anywhere away from everyone to go and pray and so when we talked about Joseph Smith it reminded him of him. He accepted the invitation to be baptized and we are so excited to watch him grow in the gospel. Dis gospel gone blez dat guy 2 much dough.... Stake Conf had some powerhouse speakers too. Our Mission Prez is a boss and so he killed it on that podium. I talked about the whole statistic of member referral baptisms compared to Missionary found baptisms and all of stuff and so our President really focused on trying to tell all the members about how important member referrals are. And just a little statistic that our mission just shot out from our president... One of our wards in the mission has a baptismal date this sunday... 22 baptisms in one day... 22!!!! ALL MEMBER REFERRALS... Wow that is insane... If that isnt proof that Member Missionary Work/Member Referrals is the way that Heavenly Father wants his work done then I do not know what will... 
This next coming week though is going to be awesome though. I am excited to see what The Lord has in plan for us! But hey love you all! Birthdays on misson are pretty much just another day haha but it gucci! Hope everyone has an awesome week love yall!

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  1. Elder Greening, you are one tremendous missionary. We love having you in Queenstown, you're a great example of what a missionary should be.