Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekly Letter 10

Bee Bopp Sha Boodie Boo! Another awesome week this week! How about as I am typing this "Complicated by Avril Lavigne" came on in the email shop and so I starting singing it really loud totally blanking that there are 3 other grown men next to me and they just gave me the most confused death glare ever hahhaha! Swaggy... Anyways, this week was sweet, I taught all the other elders how to play touch rugby and we taught them how to play Ultimate Frisbee so that was sweet. It felt good to legit sprint and what not. Definitely should have stretched though because YO! my body killed for the next couple days. The Lord blessed us with more referrals and new people to teach so my companion are pretty stoked. This week was seriously like Drop Nation! we had made 40 planned appointments and probably 16 of them dropped so we had to scramble around and go find other people to teach and luckily we at least got 29 lessons this week haha. All goods though I just keep praying to Heavenly Father to legit guide us like one day we had 4 apts drop in a row -_- 4 Hours of just scrambling around so that we could still teach people haha and I was just like... Heavenly Father please tell me where we are supposed to go seriously... haha it worked out though.

I gave another talk in church on Sunday and it luckily went great! I swear the bishop likes to have me speak or something but no complaints because I love giving talks. I was super stressed though because the bishop called us at like 9 pm Saturday night and asked If I could give a talk -_- Come on Bishop -_- It worked out though! Spoke on the importance of baptism! It started off like this.

-There are over 15 million members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and that number is rapidly growing every day. They have many things in common but one of the things that they have in common is that each and everyone of them have gone through both, baptism by immersion in water, and baptism by fire being set apart as a member of the church and receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Regarding the baptism by immersion, if done properly, it takes no more than 15 seconds for the baptismal recited prayer to be said and the person getting baptized to have already come out and already on their way to get dried and changed. Now the question that comes to mind is what could possibly be so great about this 15 seconds? How can this 15 seconds change my life?

I didn't write it down but as I remember it went something like that haha so there is a little sample for those of you that missed it haha.

Now, regarding the new investigators we had. One of them, his name is Doug, and he is awesome. He is super open and has had some sweet experiences. So the missionaries found him months ago and then they called us and told us that we need to go see him. Apparently, he had prayed one night to God asking him to send help and guide him to the church where he should go and then the missionaries show up the next day knocking on his door. He also had another experience where he had been driving to a city 16 hours away and so he was super tired. 2 hours away from his destination he saw to people on the side of the ride whom looked like they were hikers and they were quite tall. He pulled over and they got in but they did not say a single word to him and so he assumed that they just needed to be dropped off at the next city so he didn't think anything of it. He started to doze off while driving and apparently he had fallen asleep at the wheel. The only thing he says he remembers is that he felt a small tap on his shoulders. He wakes up slowly and looks towards the direction of the taps. One of the guys had tapped him and without saying a single word and very calmly he points forward. Doug had drifted over into the other lane and was heading towards a 16 wheeler truck. Startled he swerves back into the correct lane and I doubt he felt tired or sleepy after that happened haha. So then he pulled over at the next city and the two guys without saying a word, get out and start walking away. 
YO! I strongly believe that those two guys are of the many translated beings here on earth today because... aint no way anybody normal gonna calmly not say a single word while you are headed towards a 16 wheeler truck haha. But man I know for a fact that God has some awesome things in store this guy and I am so excited to continue in teaching him! I asked him to get baptized and he said yes but as he comes to know it is true but I mean... Duh its true so hes pretty much in it to win it haha but he is awesome. We also had another agree to get baptized so that's swaggy but we will talk about her another time! 
That's all the time I have for now but thanks for everyone's email and things like that! Hope everyone is doing well and everything is going good! I love you all will talk to yous next week!

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