Monday, October 19, 2015

weekly letter 31

Yaaa... Another week here in Queenstown/Sada. We finished off transfers and it was sad to see some of the Elders leaving. Change is always kind of hard at first but the new Elders that came in seem to be sweet. 
In other and more important news... We have received news that the Mcdonalds here in Queenstown that is being built will open next week Sunday! YO! That is probably the biggest news ever to hit this town... haha We even received authorization to go and buy Mcdonalds from our president.... Nah just kidding... That's breaking the commandments haha... but definitely next Monday we will be hitting that up.
Everyone has been going on about how South Africa is playing New Zealand in the semi finals for the world cup this week. Our fellowshippers have no problem updating us on all the rugby scores and what nots. I was day dreaming and I was picturing like what if... When New Zealand plays SA that SA Gets smashed and then in an uproar... all the polynesian looking elders have to go into hiding so that riots don't happen or something. right now in the email shop the workers were talking and they were getting kind of loud and they were speaking in Xhosa talking about rugby... I couldn't pick up everything but I know it was about New Zealand and SA and the game this week haha.... Might have to go into hiding depending on how the game goes on saturday... haha
So this week we hit a rabbit... I seriously promise that the rabbit hit us... it was off on the side and then it for some reason wanted to run in front of me... Our fellowshippers and my comp were going nuts because they were so excited about eating the meat... They were running around with their arms flailing everywhere, jumping up and down, doin jumping jacks, throwing in some acrobatic front handsprings double back flips.. It was funny to watch.
Update though... Ill update you all on Bro Jerry & his girlfriend Zolewe... as for the subject line... We taught them the Law of Chastity towards the beginning of the week and they excepted everything. They seriously are such champs. We then spoke about their baptisms... and just told them that the only thing holding them back is Jerrys smoking and that they live together... They are too awesome though. Zolewe told us that she wants to get baptized as soon as possible... What a beast... But then we come back later that week to teach.. They tell us that they are going to get married! They have talked to the parents and everything and they are going to get married! YO! They is to guuudddddd. So I am just excited out ma mind for these two.... Will maybe take a few months for the wedding but whatevs... Eternal Progression is all that matters! 
Something also that touched my heart this week happened yesterday. So one of my goals is that no matter what happens/circumstances that I am in... I have to do my best to grow the overall love in every area that I go to whether it be for other missionaries, members, and especially the gospel. I have noticed that in some areas with the African Culture... it is not all that frequently seen or even accepted when it comes to Brotherly Love. So we were with two Recent Converts, Likhona & Sibusiso. As Likhona was getting out of the car, Sibusiso goes... 
"Alright man love you"
Usually the response I hear is..
"Man thats gay", "Youre so lame" or "Yea whatever"
But this time it was a 
"Ahhh... Love you too man"
I even remember the first time I told Sibusiso when we were dropping him off when I first got to this area that I loved him like that and he was like.... WHATT... So it was super heart warming to see an increase of Love even with something as small as that happening. But I mean. 
"By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.... And by very small means The Lord doth..... bringeth about the salvation of many souls" 
(Alma 33:6-7)
But that is all for now... I am excited to see what The Lord has instore for me this week.... Yeeeeeee Love you all so much... 
The Church Is True!
1) Old District. Elders Rasmussen, Nyika, Richards, Radebe, Fonua, Johnson, Wall, & The Farnsworths
2) Elder Wall & I
3) Rabbit, Elder Nyika, Athi & Soso

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