Monday, October 5, 2015

weekly letter 29

General Conference was too sweet! Man I do not know why but I always seem to love the Seventy talks more then the ones given by the Twelve. I have a lot of favorites from this General Conference. I haven't seen Sunday Nights session yet but we will see when we get to watch that one. My ward doesn't watch conf until they get the dvds which will probably be 3 weeks from now and so we went to the stake center to watch some of the sessions. 
This week was not all that exciting... And I am a bit lazy to write about it haha so this wont be long. 
But... This week my comp and I got in an accident... we got in a little car crash with this drunk guy... That was pretty stressful but we are almost done with getting everything figured out... 
Update though on Jerry! Yoooo... This dude... He is doing awesome. We gave him a gospel principles book and like all he does is just read that book and studies it. He complained to us that he wants The Pearl Of Great Price and The D&C so that he can study the scriptures the pamphlets and the book refer him to. He is so awesome! Yesterday he told us that he wants to quit smoking! That is HUGE! I can not wait to see what the Lord has in store for him... We will see how it goes... But mission is still going good. I have been a little stressed this week due to the crash, getting all those things figured out and also just because of the area and the language barrier/ward problems... but just as the spirit directed us to do in Conference... Just need to step back and not make things so complicated which is what I am doing now... but I know that everything will work out...Love you all hope everyone has a good week and implements what they learnt from Conf in their lives instead of just feeling them warm fuzzies!

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