Monday, July 20, 2015

weekly letter 18

This week has been awesome but definitely mixed feelings. But first South Africa is too funny haha. My advice to anyone that was born in New Zealand... Come to South Africa and you will be an instant celebrity haha. So some of our members have been nagging us on how awesome this chinese restaurant called Chiongs is and how good their food is and stuffs like that. So... We finally went and so we walk in. There is a huge line and so we just get in the line and wait. Then the guy that normal just hands out the food for pick up calls me out and tells me to go over to him. I noticed that he was a white afrikaner guy wearing an All Blacks Jersey. He goes what do you want? And so he totally just had me jump ahead of everyone haha and then so we order and then we are standing waiting for the food and then some of the workers again... call me over from the back and the ask me where I am from. I tell them that I was born in New Zealand but raised in the states... News travels fast through out the store I guess because then this Asian guy walks out from the back wearing a Kiwi sweater and kind of just stands around waiting for something... So this whole time we are with one of our members and he starts freaking out haha. He goes
"Wow.... That is Chiong... The Chiong himself I have never seen him come out from the back before" 
So I start talking to the guy that called me out for my order and ask him about the All Blacks game last weekend. It was funny because I could see Chiong slowly inching his way closer to us and manages to squeeze in contribution to the conversation with a quite "39-18" The member with us was giggling haha cause he was watching from a far the whole thing haha. But instances like that happen all the time but it gets kind of awkward haha but yea if you want to be an instant celebrity... Be from New Zealand and move to South Africa haha.
So this week has been sad because I am leaving Uitenhage and I am going to Sada which is in a place called Queenstown.... I have been saying all of my goodbyes and it is sad man.. Crazy to think that there is a possibility that I will not be seeing these people ever again and so that has been going on. I am not too sad though because I know that the good times end for the greater times and I know that I am needed else where and that my work here in Uitenhage is over... For now... I will give a whole update on the area and my new companion next week and I also am working on a video for my time here in Uitenhage and so yeee.... Will get that out sometime how ever whenever haha.  But this weeks is short because I am stressing out about how I am going to get time to see all of the people that I want to see so blahh... But no worries love you all talk to you next week!

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