Wednesday, June 3, 2015

weekly letter 12

Hows it going everyone! This week was another awesome week! We went to the cheetah park on Monday and got to go and play with cheetahs and check out lions and stuff. I totally rode one and it was awesome. Just kidding but that would be sweet! This week was not all that extravagant but it is so crazy to think that in a few days I will have already been on my mission for three months! Transfers are happening next week so this coming Saturday I will find out who my next companion is. It will be crazy because the eight elders that I live around, four of them will be leaving and so it will be super weird not seeing some of the Elders around the flat. All goods though because I know that who ever comes in will be super awesome.

My deepest regards to L. Tom Perry's family. That is so crazy how things can change so fast! He was definitely one of my favorite Apostles. I remember seeing him and church and having him complement me on my tiger that I had hanging around my neck. I definitely throw in a brag every now and then if I am given the chance. Definitely a constant reminder about how short life is here on Earth especially in the eyes of God. I always think it is so cool to picture past prophets and apostles cheering and rejoicing when they have another prophet and apostle pass on into the spirit world. I bet they go crazy because they get another amazingly strong and powerful missionary to help further the work. 

This week we had some interesting things come up with the ward. First, apparently I have some admirers whom have pictures of me on their phones or something like that haha. I guess they have pictures of me from back home and also some of Vaughan and Rylee and the baby or something like that haha. I think it is funny and actually kind of heart warming because then maybe they will tell me that it is them so we can talk about how cute the baby is or something haha. So there is that, also I guess there has been a lot of past drama in the ward as well. A lot of grudges and gossip I guess has accumulated within the ward for a very long time. It is sad because these little grudges seriously do hinder the work and it is definitely something that I am going to try and get to the bottom of. One of the things that this ward truly lacks is definitely love. Love is one of the things that I noticed it lacked the first time I had come here but I never was told why but I got a couple of stories out. We never do ward activities and then the small times that we do, no one shows up. Apparently there are going to be changes being made to the area of Uitenhage though so we will see how that goes. I am excited to try and help with it though.

This week we had the baptism of Abulele! He was the young man that I invited to be baptized my first day out in the field on mission! He is a super cool dude and I am excited to watch him grow in the gospel! His family as well are maybe interested in joining our church "wink wink" So we will see how that goes. One of the coolest things that I really love seeing is watching the growth of a persons prayer. Sometimes we will be teaching someone and their prayer will literally be 5 words. Over time though as we teach them it slowly progressively gets longer and more heartfelt which is so amazing. It warms my heart to see and feel my investigators draw closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I can truly feel their love for the savior grow more and more day after day. 

Sorry that is all the time that I have today but I still love all of you! K Bye!

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